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Elçin Esmer


Elçin ESMER obtained her BSc in English Linguistics from Hacettepe University (Turkey) in 1999. She obtained her  MSc and PhD in Linguistics from Ankara University  (Turkey) in 2003 and 2010 respectively. She is associate professor of linguistics in Mersin University, Department of Turkish Language Teaching now. Also she is the head of Mersin University Turkish Application and Research Center.Her research interests include political discourse analysis, forensic linguistics, neuro linguistics, teaching language as a second language. She has published several articles, chapters in collective works and she has participated to many international conferences.


Her recent publications are:


Esmer, E. (2021). Conceptual Metaphors in The Criminal Court Transcripts. 5th Intenational Forensic and Law Conference, Turkey Ankara, 17 Ağustos 2021


Esmer, E. (2021). Covid 19 Metaphors in Turkish and Foreign Political Leaders’ Speeches. 4th International Conference on Covid-19 Studies,Turkey Ankara, 17-19 April 2021


Esmer, E. (2021). Asides in Turkish political newspaper interviews. International Journal of Research-GRANTHAALAYAH, 9 (4), 136-149.


Esmer, E. (2018). Analyzing the rhetorical questions used by politicians in political newspaper interview texts (Politik gazete röportaj metinlerinde politikacılar tarafından kullanılan sözbilimsel soruların çözümlenmesi). Dilbilimde Güncel Tartışmalar. Ankara: Dilbilim Derneği Yayınları


Esmer, E. (2017). Discursive representations of Syrian migrants in Turkish mass media and social media and the effects of these media discourses on Syrian migrants. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication,6 (1), 46-57


Esmer,E. (2017). Interpersonal Metadiscourse Markers in Turkish Election Rally Speeches Delivered By Pro-Turkish And Pro- Kurdish Leaders. Athens Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (4), 367-384


Esmer,E. (2017).The viewpoint of immigrant university students on Turkish newspaper discourse related to immigrants and the effects of this discourse on their willingness to communicate in Turkish as a second language. H.Arapgırlıoglu,A.Atık,R.L.Ellıott and E.Turgeon (Ed.), In Researches on Science and Art in 21st century Turkey (pp. 119-130). Ankara: Gece Kitaplığı 


Esmer, E. (2016). Observations on encodıng stance by means of modalitymorphemes in the statements of defendants within the context of Turkey’s inquisitorial court system. International Journal of Social Sciences and Education, 6(2),186-197.




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