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Gergana Padareva-Ilieva


Gergana Padareva-Ilieva is an Associate Professor in Bulgarian language (Phonetics and phonology) at South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. She received her PhD in 2006.  She has a broad range of research interests: media speech, phonetics and phonology, pragmatics, clinical linguistics and phonetics, psycholinguistics, cognitive ethnolinguistics, etc.

She has a lot of scientific, administrative and editorial activities. She works on several different scientific projects - Media and media speech in Bulgaria, Nostalgia in media communication, The concept of democracy in Bulgarian language, the articulation of Bulgarian alveolar consonant [l] as [u], Clinical linguistics and phonetics in Bulgaria. She is an editor and reviewer in several scientific journals and conference proceedings. 

Gergana Padareva-Ilieva is an author of more than 60 scientific publications (monographs, articles, book chapters, etc.) and she has participated in more than 50 conferences in Bulgaria and abroad. 


Recent publications:

Todorova, B., Padareva-Ilieva, G. (2021) Nostalgia As a Device for Dealing with Traumatic Experiences During the COVID-19 Crisis// East European Journal of Psycholinguistics. Volume 8, Number 1, 2021. 110-124. 

DOI: 10.29038/eejpl.2021.8.1.tod

Padareva-Ilieva, G. (2020) Clinical linguistics and phonetics in Bulgaria – from isolation to interdisciplinary approach//Balkanistic Forum, 2020 (2), 295-301.

Padareva-Ilieva, G., Mitsova, S. (2020). Време ли е за дискусии относно проблема л като ў в училище? (въз основа на експеримент в начален курс върху правописа на думи, съдържащи л и у) Is it time for discussion concerning the problem l as ŭ at school? (based on an experiment on spelling of words containing letters л and у at secondary school)// Bulgarian language and literature, V. 62, (1), 43-54. (In Bulgarian)

Petar Sotirov, Gergana Padareva-Ilieva, (2019) Pojęcie demokracji w języku bułgarskim (uwagi wstępne), [w: ] Stanosława Niebrzegowska-Bartmińska, Dorota Pazio – Wlazłowska (red.) Wartości w językowo – kulturowym obrazie świata Słowian i ich sąsiadów, Tom 5, wyd. UMCS, Lublin, ISBN 978-83-227-9218-6, s. 235 – 244.


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