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Isabelle Buchstaller


Isabelle Buchstaller is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, where she heads the Sociolinguistic Lab. Her research interests include spatial patterns in linguistic heterogeneity, where she combines variationist sociolinguistic and linguistic landscape perspectives. She has published widely in this area, and her recent work appeared in the Journal of Linguistic Landscapes and the Journal of Linguistics Geography. Her other research interest is language variation and change, and she has recently been focused on exploring patterns of change within the individual speaker across the lifespan. Her research in this area has appeared in the journal Language Variation and Change, the Journal of Sociolinguistics and Language in Society. She is a co-editor of the series Routledge Studies in Language Change (with Suzanne Wagner) and she sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Language and Aging Research, the Journal of Linguistic Geography and Glossa – Contact.

Among her most recent works:

Buchstaller, I., Fabiszak, M., Alvanides, S., Brzezińska, A.W., Dobkiewicz, P. 2023. “Commemorative city-texts: Spatio-temporal patterns in street names in Leipzig, East Germany and Poznań, Poland”. Language in Society. Online first:1-30

Grama, J., Mechler, J., Bauernfeind, L., Eiswirth, M.E., Buchstaller, I. 2023. “Post-educator relaxation in the U-shaped curve: Evidence from a panel study of Tyneside (ing)”. Language Variation and Change 35(3):325-350.

Buchstaller I, . 2020. “(h) in Marshallese English”. Asia-Pacific Language Variation 6(2): 222 – 249.

Buchstaller, I., Alvanides, S. 2017. “Mapping the linguistic landscapes of the Marshall Islands”. Journal of Linguistic Geography 5(2): 67-85.  

Buchstaller I, Krause, A., Auer A. Otte, S. 2017. “Levelling across the life-span? Tracing the FACE vowel in panel data from the North East of England”. Journal of Sociolinguistics 21(1): 3-33.


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