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A Contextualized Dictionary to Problematize Otherness


Victoria Odeniyi


Dr Victoria Odeniyi has worked in British universities for 25 years. Her professional interests focus on the intersection between language, discourse and identity and academic practices; anti-racism in higher education and critical approaches to intercultural communication. She has a doctorate in applied linguistics and a Masters in Education in English Language Teaching. Victoria leads the institutional research and development project Reimagining Conversations with Multilingual Students at the University of the Arts in London where she is affiliated to the Decolonising Arts Institute and the Language Centre. She also teaches English in a Multilingual World at Goldsmiths College, the University of London. Victoria peer reviews articles for the English Language Teaching Journal and is an editorial advisor for the International Journal of Multicultural Education. She became interested in the In Other Words Dictionary project through Estidia and the project’s commitment to problematise otherness. 

Recent publications

Eve, M. P., Gadie, R., Odeniyi, V. & Parvin, S. (In Press/2021). Reviewing the Reviewers: Training Neural Networks to Read Peer Review Reports. In Jaillant, L. (ed.) Archives, Access and Artificial Intelligence: Working with Born-Digital and Digitised Archival Collections. Bielefeld: Bielefeld University Press. 

Lillis, T. & Odeniyi, V. (Forthcoming/2021). Afterword In Donohue, C. and Horner, B. (eds.) Teaching and Studying Transnational Composition.

Eve, M. P.and O'Donnell, D. P., Neylon, C. ,Moore, S., Gadie, R. & Odeniyi, V. and Parvin, S. (2021). Reading Peer Review – What a dataset of peer review reports can teach us about changing research culture. LSE Impact Blog.

Eve, M. P., Neylon, C., O'Donnell, D.P., Moore, S., Gadie, R., Odeniyi, V., & Parvin, S. (2021). 

Reading Peer Review: PLOS ONE and Institutional Change in Academia Cambridge University Press.

Giorgis, P., Mavrodieva, I., Odeniyi, V., Semenets, O., Todorova, B., Valente, A. (2021). In Other Words. A critical, creative, collaborative project, Rhetoric and Communications, Issue 46, January 2021, ISSN 1314-4464

Odeniyi, V. & Lazar, G. (2019). Valuing the multilingual repertoires of students from African migrant communities at a London university, Language, Culture and Curriculum, 33:2, 157-171, DOI: 10.1080/07908318.2019.1677702

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