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Bilyana Todorova


Bilyana Todorova is an Associate Professor in Bulgarian language (Linguistic Stylistics) at South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. She received her PhD in Bulgarian Linguistics (on the newspaper language from the SFL perspective) in 2005.  She has a broad range of research interests: discourse studies, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, stylistics, SFL, corpus-based methods in linguistics, cognitive ethnolinguistics, computer-mediated communication, etc.

She has a lot of editorial activity as a section editor of De Gryuter Open Linguistics (Scopus, Web of Science), an editor of Езиков свят – Orbis Linguarum (Scopus) and as a part of the Editorial board of East European Journal of Psycholinguistics (Scopus), as an editor and a reviewer for some other journals and conference proceedings.

Bilyana Todorova is an author of more than 80 scientific publications (monographs, articles, book chapters, etc.) and she has participated in more than 60 conferences in Bulgaria and abroad. 

Some recent publications: 

Todorova, B. (2021) War Metaphors in Bulgarian Official Discourse during the COVID-19 Crisis, Rhetoric and Communication, Issue 46, 99-117.

Todorova, B. (2020) Use of Academic Discourse Features in BG-MAMMA Forum Discussions, In Irena Vassileva/Mariya Chankova/Esther Breuer/Klaus P. Schneider (eds.). The Digital Scholar: Academic Communication in Multimedia Environment, Berlin: Frank and Timme,  281-306.

Todorova, B. (2020) The Phrase “Krivorazbrana Tolerantnost” in Bulgarian Maternity Forum Communication, East European Journal of Psycholinguistics, 7(1), 171-183.

Todorova, B. (2020) Именната фраза от типа [N[N]] и конкуренцията с други синтактични конструкции в съвременната българска речева практика,  Bulgarian Language, Supplement, 67, 186-198.

Todorova, B. (2019) Bulgarian-English Code-switching in Internet Forum Communication: The BG-mamma Case, Open Linguistics - De Gryuter, 5 (1), 121-135.


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