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Andrea C. Valente


Dr. Andrea C. Valente is an educator, researcher, and consultant with solid experience in higher education in South and North Americas for over 20 years. Dr. Valente teaches courses in the field of the humanities and social sciences, holding master’s degrees and specializations in Humanities and Applied Linguistics (TESL), with focus on language learning, rhetoric/discourse analysis, intercultural communication, and psychology, and neuro-humanities. Dr. Valente’s research projects are interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, with publications and conference presentations at the intersection of the humanities, social sciences, and neurosciences. Dr. Valente has collaborated with local and international scholars in diverse roles such as journal co-editor, writer, reviewer, and under/graduate supervisor and mentor.

Dr. Valente is currently a contract lecturer in the Faculty of Education at York University, Toronto, Canada.
Educational and Professional Qualifications:

  • Doctor of Philosophy, York University, Canada
  • MA in Humanities, York University, Canada
  • MA in Applied Linguistics, Brazil
  • B.Ed./B.A., English, Brazil
  • Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Facilitator, Canada & abroad

Recent Works

Valente, Andrea C. “Mending the Gap between the ‘Two Cultures’ through Dynamic Intercultural Rhetoric”, Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 45, 2020Peer-Reviewed:

Valente, Andrea C. “Raising the Awareness and Lowering the Barriers: A Case Study of Language Awareness in Neurodiversity”, 15th International Conference of the Association for Language Awareness, Deakin University (virtual conf.), Oct. 30th – 31st, 2020, Australia.

Valente, Andrea C. “Resilience and Well-Being among International Students during Acculturation Process: Blogging Without Borders”, The International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication. Vol 6, 1, 2018. Online. Peer-Reviewed.


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