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Ioanna Vovou


Ioanna Vovou is an Assistant Professor at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens, Greece), in the Department of Communication, Media and Culture. She has also the title of « Maître de Conférences » in the French Public University “Université Paris XIII” where she was teaching for the period 2002-2007. She is a full member of the « Centre d’Etudes des Images et des Sons Médiatiques » (CEISME/CIM, University of Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle), participating in the Laboratoire d’Excellence Industries Culturelles et Création Artistique (LabEx ICCA) and member of the International Network CREA2S (Creative Shift Studies, Her research interests focus on the relation between the media and the society, on media analysis and on Television studies. She is participating in international research projects and is the author of essays dealing with the history of television, the political talk shows on Greek television, social representations in reality TV and TV fiction, gendered representations in the media, intermediality and media archeology.


Most Recent Publications


Bonfils P., Dumas P., Remond E., Stassin B., Vovou I. (eds.) (2021). Media Literacy Throughout Life: New pedagogical challenges to the accompaniment of the citizen / L’éducation aux médias tout au long de la vie : Des nouveaux enjeux pédagogiques à l’accompagnement du citoyen. Proceedings of the International Conference Ticemed 12. International Association Ticemed.  Apr 2020, Athens, Greece. 978-2-492969-00-3. ffhalshs-03206274 L'éducation aux médias tout au long de la vie - HAL-SHS - Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société (

Giorgis, P., Mavrodieva, I., Odeniyi, V., Semenets, O., Todorova, B., Valente, A., Vovou, I. (2021). In Other Words. A critical, creative, collaborative project. Rhetoric and Communications, 46, p. 143-155. In Other Words. A critical, creative, collaborative project | РЕТОРИКА И КОМУНИКАЦИИ ( Issue 46 | journal rhetoric

 Vovou, I. (2020). Servants and Greek TV series: ‘The children of a lesser God’, the ‘Chorus’, the narrative counterpoint and the distance from the role. In P. Mini, K. Georgiadi, I. Pipinia, A. Stavrakopoulou (eds.), Female and male servants: Historical subjects and artistic representations in the Greek-speaking space (19th-21st century), (p. 391-409). Athens: Papazissis.

Vovou, I., Andonova Y., Kogan A-F. (eds) (2019). The Creative Contagion. Media, industries, storytelling, communities / La contagion créative. Médias, industries, récits, communautés, 246p. ISBN 978-2-9552946-2-8 / EAN 9782955294628.

Vovou, I.(2019). Injecting Actuality in TV Fiction: The Financial Crisis in Greek TV Comedy Series, FILMICON, 6,

Chambat-Houillon, M-F, Vovou, I. (2019). De la création à la créativité : quelques considérations méthodologiques et théoriques pour étudier la créativité à l’œuvre dans les productions audiovisuelles sur Youtube. Proceedings of the International Conference The Creative Contagion. Media, industries, storytelling, communities (p. 219-224).


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