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by Ivanka Mavrodieva
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Presentation is a term that is gradually expanding its application in various fields and areas and it is associated with rhetoric, presentation, demonstration, persuasion, visualisation, and others. The presentation is a relatively new format that enlarges its spheres of application, being implemented in different types of learning. A presentation combines verbal, non-verbal, sound and visual elements; scenario, structure and slides. An actual presenting includes not only speaking and pronouncing but also effective behaviour, which implies the use of technical skills and non-verbal means of communication in order to influence the audience.  Rhetorical features are manifested on a verbal level whenever the presenter combines rhetorical figures and arguments; additionally, during a modern presentation s/he includes visual metaphors and argumentation. The presenter prefers photos, video clips, tables, diagrams and figures which are used alongside verbal means. 

Презентацията е термин, който постепенно разширява своето приложение в различни области и сфери и се свързва с реторика, представяне, демонстрация, убеждаване, визуализация и други. Презентацията е сравнително нов формат, който разширява сферите си на приложение, като се прилага в различни видове обучение. Презентацията съчетава вербални, невербални, звукови и визуални елементи; сценарий, структура и слайдове. Същинското презентиране включва не само говорене и произнасяне, но и ефективно поведение, което предполага използването на технически умения и невербални средства за комуникация, за да се въздейства върху аудиторията. Риторичните характеристики се проявяват на вербално ниво винаги, когато презентаторът съчетава реторични фигури и аргументи; освен това по време на съвременната презентация той включва визуални метафори и аргументация. Презентаторът предпочита снимки, видеоклипове, таблици, диаграми и фигури, които се използват наред с вербалните средства. 


The notion presentation possesses positive connotation. The etymology of the term ‘presentation’ is Latin (presentatio). The contemporary sense is ‘presenting something in different spheres: arts, business, education, trainings, public communication, social activities, medicine’ etc.

The word “presentation” (презентация in the Bulgarian language) has its root in Latin (presentatio). “Presentation” enters the Bulgarian language through English, and some of the meanings of “presentation” are showing, appearance, gift, transmission, provision, demonstration, even assignment, and others.

Cultural specificity:

Presentation in a legal context means presenting a policy. (Dictionary of foreign words in the Bulgarian language since 1978).


There is an expansion of the meanings of the word "presentation." The exact definition of the term itself is often avoided, and a description in each context is preferred.

There are opinions that a presentation is a speech in front of an audience or presenting in general. This is a broad and sometimes quite inaccurate understanding.

The presentation includes several elements and activities, namely speaking, showing, proving, describing, informing.


Nine Rhetorical Devices For Your Next Speech. 23 July 2020, BRAD PHILLIPS.

Effective Rhetoric and Presentation,

There is a narrowing of the concept, as well as replacement with only one of its components. The presentation's technological aspects are related to preparing PowerPoint or Prezi slides or through other software programs. This is another direction in narrowing the concept, namely - equating it entirely to multimedia products.


14 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make More Creative Slideshows [+ Templates] Written by Jamie Cartwright @cart_writing

7 Outstanding Example Presentations Using Prezi. March 27, 2019.

Another direction of narrowing focuses on the technical but not on the communicative aspect – based on a laptop or multimedia projector.


How to choose the right laptop or computer for you? The presentation could not be precisely defined if some of the components, like situation, technique, business format, standard, organizational form, program, slideshow, are not defined. 


A computer presentation is a software product that is used to illustrate a presentation. There are many programs for building presentations, but we will look at Microsoft PowerPoint. The visualization of information with the help of videos and short films is considered synonymous with presentation - in each context. 


Video in PowerPoint presentation. Turn your presentation into a video. 

Communication strategies:

To present the essential information in a way that is easy to understand and remember.

To structure, synthesize, arrange the information in such a way that it is useful for the audience.

To present information clearly and attractively on a verbal, visual and multimodal level.

The presentation combines in indivisible final variant verbal, visual and technological elements. It includes not only speaking and pronouncing, relevant use of paralinguistic and non-verbal elements simultaneously with verbal means. The technological aspects of presentations comprise the skills of speaking in front of a microphone and camera and the use of multimedia, as well as knowledge and skills to prepare multimedia products and to apply them in the process of presenting.


The word “presentation” is used to name the product created by PowerPoint or Prezi, or by using software programs or applications / applications /: SlideShare, SlideDog, SlideRocket, Presentate, Present.Me, EWC Presenter, Rawshorts, Diagrammer, Ludus, Haiku Deck, etc. A presentation is used as a synonym for naming slides or videos, infographics or charts, tables or diagrams, maps, or photographs.

The presentation is used to name an official introduction to society, or it is a type of social debut of a person or politician, political party, NGO, etc. 

The business presentation is associated with presenting products, services, business plans, and projects, reports to colleagues or managers evaluating the achievements.

The presentation is also accepted as a synonym for arranging and arranging products, purely in cooking, to achieve an excellent visualization, satisfaction, and have an aesthetic effect.

In medicine, presentation is also of particular importance in the work of physicians, especially in diagnosis.


The presentation unites verbal, non-verbal and technological elements. It involves not only speaking and pronouncing, but it is also effective behavior that involves the use of non-linguistic means. Its technical and technological aspects are not limited to the ability to speak in front of a microphone or use a projector, but in the knowledge, habits, and abilities to produce multimedia products as an integral part of the presentation.

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