In Other Words

A Contextualized Dictionary to Problematize Otherness


Gigi Malaroda


Gigi Malaroda graduated in Latin American History. He taught Italian Literature and History in secondary and high schools in Turin, Italy, and in the last nine years of his profession he worked as a university lecturer in Mexico. 

He has been politically active in the student movement and then in the social, ecologist and pacifist movements and has been involved in school trade unionism. 

However, from 1997 to date, his activism was above all engaged in the LGBTQ+ movement, especially within the Circolo Maurice in Turin, as well the Library and Documentation Centre, which are among the most important in the sector in Italy. He has written a number of critical contributions, especially on the history of the movement, engaging in cultural initiatives both locally and nationally, such as the two editions of the UGLE (Gay and Lesbian Summer University) in 1997 and 1998, and in the current project of creating an exhibition on the first fifty years of the LGBTQ+ movement in Italy. He is also involved in training on these issues in schools, universities, and in other social and political contexts.


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