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Ivanka Mavrodieva


Ivanka Mavrodieva, Full Professor, PhD and Dr. Hab. She is a lecturer in rhetoric, business communication, public relations and academic writing at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She is the author of 15 books presenting scientific information in new and traditional spheres through the eyes of the researcher: “Parliamentary Rhetoric in Bulgaria” (2001), "Job Selection Interview” (2002), "How to Present Effectively?” (2007), "Virtual Rhetoric: from Journals to Online Social Media” (2010), "Academic Writing” (2005); "Academic Communication” (2010), “Political Rhetoric in Bulgaria: from meeting to Web 2.0 (1989-2012), “Academic Communication for PhD and Post-Graduate Students” (2014), “From Essays to Master Theses: Academic Writing for Students” (2016) – co-author is Yovka Tisheva, “Business Communications” (2018) - co-author is Maya Gesheva; “Fake News and Post-truth on Online Media in Bulgaria” – Lambert Academic Publishing (2021). Mavrodieva is the author of 120 articles, 25 of which are published in English, Russian, and French in renowned scientific journals; as well as in international scientific conferences proceedings held in Italy, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, etc. She is the author of two collections and one textbook with oratorical speeches and a complier of two collections and one chrestomathy: "Contemporary Rhetorical Practices” (2010), "Patterns of Modern Oratory” (2010), "Communications in Virtual Environment” (2010). She has been a member of the Executive Board of the Rhetoric Society of Europe (RSE),, since 2013, for two consecutive terms. Editor-in-chief of Rhetoric and Communications Journal,, which has been published since September 2011. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Online Rhetoric Guide, a subdomain of the Rhetoric and Communications Journal published since September 2012. Mavrodieva is a lecturer, blogger and trainer who regards rhetoric as an ancient yet vital science, communication as practices in business and Web 4.0. She is the Chair of the Executive Board of the Institute of Rhetoric and Communications. 


E-mails: ivanka dot mavrodieva at iowdictionary dot org; i dot mavrodieva at gmail dot com; mavrodieva at phls dot uni-sofia dot bg


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