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Olena Semenets


Olena Semenets is a professor at the Department of Journalism and Advertising, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Ukraine. She has extensive experience in training students in the fields of Philology and Journalism. 

Academic Degrees:

  • Doctor of Sciences (hub.) in Philology, Potebnia Institute of Linguistics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2006
  • PhD in Philology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1992

Her Doctor of Sciences (hub.) thesis was devoted to the application of the Theory of Complex Nonlinear Systems (Synergetics) in the analysis of Ukrainian poetic text. Now the main direction of her research is connected with the interdisciplinary field of interaction between Philosophy, Linguistics, and Media Research.

Scientific interests: Theory of Complex Nonlinear Systems (Synergetics), Linguistic Synergetics, Philosophy of Language, Media Philosophy, Media Ecology, Critical Discourse Analysis of Media Sphere, Media Education, Communicative Urban Studies, Visual Communications, Innovative Teaching Methods.

A total of 155 scientific publications: monographs, chapters in books, articles, and conference materials. 

Recent publications:

  • Semenets, O. 2020. Four chapters in the textbook: Linguistic Synergetics: Textbook for students of philological specialties of higher educational institutions / L. Pikhtovnikova, T. Dombrovan, S. Enikeeva, O. Semenets; under general ed. of prof. L. Pikhtovnikova. Kharkiv: Karazin Kharkiv National University.
  • Semenets, O. 2018. Public history through the eyes of future media professionals. Média a vzdělávání 2018 – Media & Education 2018: Sborník recenzovaných příspěvků mezinárodní vědecké konference – Reviewed Papers of the International Scientific Conference / Ed. Jan Chromý. Praha: Extrasystem Praha. P. 201–204. Available at:
  • Semenets, O. 2018. The discourse of the city, enacted cognition, and professional journalism training. VІІІ Internationale virtuelle Konferenz der Ukrainistik «Dialog der Sprachen – Dialog der Kulturen. Die Ukraine aus globaler Sicht» / Herausgegeben von Olena Novikova und Ulrich Schweier. München: Verlag readbox unipress Open Access LMU. S. 467–474.
  • Semenets, O. 2017. Discourse analysis as an interdisciplinary approach in Media Studies. Chapter in the book: Methodology of mass media research: a handbook / under general ed. of K. Siriniok-Dolgariova. Zaporizhzhia: Zaporizhzhia National University.


olena dot semenets at iowdictionary dot org

More info at:

- Department of Journalism and Advertising, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

- Educational site “Media Culture in the Modern City (MCMC)”


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